We are excited to announce that we will be able to provide COVID vaccine to our patients 12yo and up starting June 22nd!!!!! Here are some things you need to know about how this will work in our office:

  1. We will be giving these vaccines during certain “vaccine clinic” times only and you MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT SPECIFICALLY FOR THE VACCINE! These vaccines come in vials with multiple doses and once a vial is started, its 6 doses must be used within a certain number of hours or wasted.  So, in order to not waste a significant amount of vaccine, we will only schedule 5-12 patients each clinic day. Therefore, if you have a child with a check-up scheduled on a day after June 22nd, they will not necessarily be able to get the COVID vaccine that day; they will have to have a specific appointment for the vaccine.
  2. If your child has already had their first vaccine, you CAN make an appointment for them to receive their second dose here, just make sure you let us know the date of the first one when you call so that we can schedule it correctly, and bring their vaccine card with their first vaccine information to the appointment, so we can record the second for you. 
  3. You can CALL NOW to make an appointment.  Our first clinic days will be Tuesday June 22nd, Thursday June 24th, and Saturday June 26th. We will try to fill one clinic day before moving to the next, and if we don’t get enough scheduled for a certain day, we may ask you to reschedule to another day.

As always please do not hesitate call with questions!

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