Corona Virus Update

Thought we would give you a quick update on some COVID related items since it has been a little while!

1) The office is once again open regular hours.   We are dividing our day between sick and well patients.   We see “well”/non contagious patients between 9am-12pm, and 2-4pm each day.   Between 12-1pm, and 4-5pm, we see any patient who is ill and may be contagious. We do a thorough cleaning of the office surfaces in each exam room after each patient, and the waiting room and common areas between 1-2pm.

2) Check Ups/Sports Physical/Well Care – We use these words interchangably, they are all the same to us! The big thing is keep coming to get one yearly! If you missed one this spring or summer trying to stay at home please call and get that scheduled. We are still taking extra precautions to make sure the office is clean, and that we separate well and sick visits!

3) COVID testing

  1. A) due to the high volume of calls about COVID related symptoms or exposures and requests for tests, we have started requiring an in office or telehealth visit in order to assess symptoms, exposure risk, and/or need for testing. This will be done by an MD or PA, and will free up our nurses time to continue to take other routine calls, and complete forms, prescriptions, and other tasks in the office.
  2. B) We recommend that you wait until you have had symptoms for more than 2-3 days or had a known exposure 5-7 days prior before you call to request “routine” testing. This is the recommended time period to make sure the test is accurate and valid to rule out disease to the best of our current ability. If you have questions about symptoms, but not necessarily testing, such as when to seek care in the office or ER, you can call any time, and our experienced nurses will help talk you though that, and can schedule your in office or telehealth visit if they feel it is necessary.

4) We are doing telehealth visits for other things besides COVID related items when we feel they are appropriate. The nurses will help determine if that is appropriate. Some of the doctors on call can also do these visits on the weekends so if you have a simple concern (pink eye or rash for example) on the weekend and are considering a visit to an urgent care or emergency room but would rather avoid that, please call the doctor on call, and they can direct what is best for care for you child.

If you called the office and your child was scheduled for a telehealth visit please use the appropriate link below for the provider with whom you were scheduled (these are not monitored regularly, they are only available if an appointment is scheduled):

Dr. Yost:

Dr. Schulert:

Dr. Cox:

Jill Obert, PA:

Mobility Health:

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