Vaccine Policy

Vaccines are safe and effective. They are the most well studied medication given to children worldwide. They are given at particular ages based on the development of the immune system and the diseases that affect children at key points in their growth. We follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines which are very similar to those of other developed and developing nations and nearly identical in the first year of life from Mexico to Canada to Australia, India and the United Kingdom.

If you have concerns regarding vaccines, please discuss them with us. We have been around long enough to remember some of the diseases they prevent and to have witnessed how they have improved the lives of children. Although we do not think it is rational, we can work with families who believe in vaccines but only want to give one vaccination per visit or follow a slightly modified schedule. If you do not follow the recommended schedule, your schedule must be approved by your doctor and documented in the chart. Because you will be deviating from our standard of practice, you will need to be vigilant in making sure we do not inadvertently provide the typically scheduled vaccines.

The CDC vaccination schedule provides a window of time for the completion of various vaccines. In cases of international travel, this schedule might need to be accelerated slightly depending on your destination. The state of Ohio mandates vaccines for daycare attendance

and school entry

  1. We do not accept patients if their parents do not believe in the science of immunizations.
  2. We expect babies to start vaccination no later than 9 weeks of age.
  3. Most childhood vaccines should be completed by 2 years of age.
  4. We expect our patients to receive the school vaccines as recommended by the state of Ohio by kindergarten entry or age five.
  5. We expect our patients to receive the meningitis, tetanus and pertussis vaccine boosters that are required for 7th and 12th grade in the state of Ohio.
  6. Currently Hepatitis A, HPV and the Influenza vaccine are not required for school
  7. We will not sign a medical exemption for vaccines unless your child has a true medical contraindication to vaccines.

If you decide not to vaccinate your child, we cannot help you find another provider but will care for your child for thirty days until you can find a doctor who shares your philosophy.

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